Rebuilding my life after a massive and thorough deconstruction, I was headed into 2015 determined to no longer build a life on hopium.  Looking hard, I recognized I wanted, no, needed to focus on food, and fitness, and finances to regain health and balance.  I might have said nutrition, and exercise, and money, but that's not how the impulse arrived.  My F's formed a suite.  Can you feel the subtle difference?

Then I noticed that my focus on rebuilding my foundation actually came first.

But wait...where was the fun in this equation?  Hello.  Yes, please!

Along came a reminder of feelings... feelings as a tool of resonance and discernment; and, feeling as a compass.

So, in a rebuilding phase, it goes something like this:

foundation – a solid foundation on my organic timeline; from the ground up; earthing, connected with the Christos Sophia...the heart of the planet we call home

feeling — first, fine tuning and honing my feelings as a tool for discernment; then, identifying how I want/desire to feel, and what actions to take to align with them. Feeling infuses my foundation with resonance of my core.

food – fresh, living, nourishing body, satisfying palate, honoring my companion vessel even as my inner being says, thank you, thank you, thank you!

fitness – moving is kindness. If it isn’t kind, if it doesn’t replenish, it isn’t organic.

finances – facing my fears, whoa…more *F*s…this is a hereditary pattern, embedded in genetics, too, for a good ole fashioned double whammy dose of control…one that is my privilege to break.  Freedom from the tyranny.  Whaddya think?  Buck stops here! (hehe)

fun – activities are great, and I’ll be taking a closer look at what actually constitutes fun for me…in the meantime, what I’d like even more is to inject a sense of playfulness into my suite of *F*s

Will be adding links to each *F* to share the resources I’m utilizing, so check back soon.

Oh, and should you hear a stream of fuckity-fuck-fuck-fuck!!!’s fall on your inner ear…that would be me…hitting a snag, another layer of imposition, or tripping over a bag of bleatin’ tupperware I can’t seem to delete!

What are your current and desired *F* bombs?


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